Teeth Whitening

What is Professional Whitening?

Also known as bleaching, this procedure is extremely common for its cosmetic effects. Molds are taken of your teeth, and then a very powerful bleaching agent is applied to it. Next, your dentist will apply several stages of polishing and bleaching to remove hardened long-term stains. Your teeth will then be protected with further gel application. Luckily, this procedure only takes about an hour.


Many patients will report having very sensitive teeth after having them whitened professionally. This is due to the dehydration of the teeth, which results in exposed nerve endings that are sensitive to changes in temperature. Using fluoride after brushing will help get rid of this sensitivity. While over the counter treatments may be very inexpensive, most of them are only temporary solutions. Professional whitening is a more permanent procedure than surface cleaning.

Whitening/Bleach Trays Video

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