Emergency Treatment

There are a few things more traumatizing than an injury to your mouth. Unlike an injury elsewhere on your body, you would not head into the Emergency Room of a hospital. Instead, you visit a dentist that specializes in dental emergencies. Emergency exams are not like regular exams because of how limited they are.

This specific exam type focuses on the problem area only. It typically includes getting digital x-rays done on the impacted area and then diagnosing what is wrong. After the emergency dentist figures out what is wrong in your mouth, they will try to treat the issue. They will alleviate pain, address an extreme swelling, or treat the infection that brought you in that day. Depending on what exactly is going on, your dental professional might be able to provide same-day treatment. Or, prescribe antibiotics to handle an infection then treat you once the infection has cleared up.

Depending on the specific issue, your dentist might recommend further treatments like a root canal or deep cleaning that address deep-rooted infections and abscesses. The key thing to remember about emergency exams is that they only address the specific reason why you are coming into the office.

You need to keep up with your regularly scheduled cleanings in addition to coming in when something is wrong. If you need an emergency exam, contact us today. Glauser Family Dentistry is here to help you in your moment of need.

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