Early Cavity Detection

The human mouth is composed of thousands of types of bacteria—making it prone to tooth decay, A buildup of bacteria is present on our gums, teeth, and tongue if not dealt with in the early stages. As your leading dental experts, we know how to get you smiling once again!

How Does a Cavity Form?

A cavity develops when your teeth are exposed to acidic substances on a regular basis. For instance, a cavity is more likely to develop if you drink or eat foods high in starch and sugar content. Since acid is a strong substance, it can promote the wear and tear of your teeth over time.
An early sign of cavity formation is white spots on your teeth. This is an indication of mineral loss intended to protect the inner core of your teeth. Once the enamel has significantly worn down, a cavity will form, and you must seek dental care.

What We Do

In order to prevent cavities from developing, we recommend the following preventative measures:

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We know the level of importance of importance when it comes to maintaining your pearly whites. You should be able to smile with confidence and instill good dental habits to prevent cavities. Visit Glauser Family Dentistry to get started!

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